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7 Reasons Not to Buy a Ductless Mini Split Online

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Ductless mini-split ACs are rapidly becoming one of the most popular cooling options. Not only are they less expensive to install and maintain, but they are far more compatible with older homes or newer homes that don’t have existing ductwork.

If you're considering a ductless mini-split AC system, you probably want to save money wherever you can. Because of that, you may feel tempted to purchase your system online, especially from a major online retailer that you can usually trust. However, this is an extremely risky decision as doing so carries many potential consequences.

Some of the reasons that you shouldn't grab a ductless mini-split system from an online store include:

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Unauthorized Dealers

One of the major problems with buying anything online is the risk of an unauthorized dealer. These companies often don’t have the ability to offer you the various consumer protections that come with an authorized dealer. You risk low-quality products, malfunctioning devices, or even counterfeit items. Additionally, you may not be able to get your money back once you realize something is wrong with your purchase.

Sizing and Compatibility

If you speak with an expert HVAC technician, they'll be able to physically inspect your home and consider your exact needs. However, if you purchase online without the necessary upfront assessment, you could end up with an AC that is the completely wrong size for your home. Alternatively, it may not even be compatible with your home at all.

DIY Risks

Beyond the inherent risks of buying a ductless system online, there are also substantial risks to installing the unit yourself. While a professional can easily install ductless systems, you probably do not have the experience that would allow you to do so, from the aesthetic cover and wiring, to the refrigerant and flare joints. With risks like system failure or even a house fire, it simply isn't worth the danger.

Warranty and Support

When purchasing a ductless mini-split through a reputable provider or your local HVAC company, you gain access to a long-term warranty and support that protects you and your home. When buying online, many manufacturers do not honor their stated equipment warranties as part of a quality control measure.

Hidden Costs

Another potential problem when buying a system online is the risk of hidden costs. When you purchase items through an online retailer, it's usually a straightforward process. They provide the price, you give them money, and they ship the item to your home. However, with appliances like ductless mini-split AC units, online stores may tack on hidden charges that aren't advertised with the upfront cost of the system. Shipping fees, taxes, large item fees, various accessory fees, and other charges are all common.

Local Regulations

Contractors and technicians are used to working with your local regulations and building codes, ensuring your AC installation is legal and safe. However, you probably do not have access to or knowledge of these regulations and online retailers definitely do not either. This means that you could risk having a system that doesn't follow your local regulations, potentially leading to fees and punishments down the road.

Return and Refund Difficulty

When working with a local HVAC company for your ductless AC installation, you have access to options that protect you. If there is a problem with your unit or the installation, all you have to do is call and discuss your problems to reach a solution. However, online retailers are typically quite bad at honoring returns and refunds. And even if they do offer you your money back, trying to return and ship back a ductless system yourself can be extremely difficult.

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Though buying your ductless system through an online retailer can be tempting, the best option for your home, your comfort, and your peace of mind is a local HVAC company you can trust. For over 55 years, Comfort Systems of York County has kept small-town service alive. We guarantee your comfort for life, so you never have to worry about the risks outlined in this blog. Call us today for a professional ductless mini-split AC installation and see why we’re so highly rated by your friends and neighbors!