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Common Furnace Problems and Solutions

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During the heat of summer, you likely don't give your furnace a second thought. The second temperatures start dipping in late autumn, though, your heating unit often becomes your home's unsung hero. Like any hero, however, your furnace may face numerous challenges in its quest to keep your family warm. Below, we explore the most common issues furnaces face and how to solve those problems quickly and effectively.

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Dirty or Clogged Filters

A dirty or clogged air filter can damage your heating system and is one of the most common reasons for furnace repair in York County. Because dirty or clogged filters obstruct airflow, they force your furnace to work harder to move warm air through your home. This reduces the system's efficiency, which increases energy bills. Overheating from dirty or clogged filters may even shut down your system and cause irreversible damage if ignored for too long.

How to Fix:

Fortunately, dirty or clogged air filters typically have a fast fix homeowners can perform themselves. Simply change the filter with one sized right for your home. Keep in mind that furnace filters have MERV ratings, with lower ratings keeping out fewer contaminants than higher ones. Filters with a 1 to 4 MERV rating typically do a good job of capturing dust and pollen. Specialized HEPA filters in the 17 to 20 range may block viruses and carbon dust. If you're unsure about the type of filter you need, Comfort Systems' professionals can help.

No Heat or Insufficient Heat

If your furnace isn't warming your space sufficiently or, worse yet, not producing heat, numerous issues may be the cause. For instance, ignition system failures can lead to burner failures. Faulty thermostats may prevent your heating system from hitting set temperatures. Blocked or clogged ducts and vents can obstruct airflow, resulting in lower heat output or hot and cold spots. Equipment failures may also cause this issue, requiring furnace repair from a top-notch service such as Comfort Systems.

How to Fix:

When you experience insufficient or no heat from your furnace, fixing the issue depends on the root cause. Cleaning vents and ducts and timely repairs to malfunctioning components may solve the problem. Other solutions include replacing or recalibrating thermostats and getting a regular heating system tune-up to spot problems early.

Frequent Cycling On and Off

Furnaces that frequently cycle on and off do so due to short cycling. Factors that cause this issue include:

  • Oversized units that rapidly heat your space, then abruptly shut off
  • Undersized units that struggle to reach and keep spaces at optimal temperatures
  • Malfunctioning thermostats that fail to properly read the temperature
  • Clogged air filters, ducts, or vents that restrict airflow
  • Mechanical problems with the heat exchanger or blower motor

How to Fix:

Finding solutions to short cycling typically requires furnace repair. This may mean replacing or recalibrating faulty thermostats or changing out filters. It may mean cleaning vents and ducts or repairing malfunctioning heating system parts. It could even involve simply updating your furnace with a properly sized one.

Loud or Unusual Noises

Loud or unusual noises are typically caused by malfunctioning or worn parts. For instance, a damaged blower motor may emit a variety of squeals, screeches, and thumps. Clogged or dirty burners often produce rumbling and popping sounds. Ductwork expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations may create creaking and popping.

How to Fix:

This is typically fixed by furnace repair for the blower motor, heat exchanger, or tightening loose elements. Burners may require inspection and cleaning to reduce related noises. Adding insulation around ductwork can mitigate expansion and contraction while improving energy efficiency.

Uneven Heating (Hot and Cold Spots)

Uneven heating with hot and cold spots often proves to be airflow issues. One reason may be a faulty furnace blower fan not properly pushing air through ductwork. Others include leaky ductwork, blocked air vents, and dirty air filters. Poor insulation and inefficient door and window sealing may let hot or cold air in.

How to Fix:

Fixing airflow problems and insulation brings more consistency to your indoor temperatures. Professionals can check for blockages in registers and air vents and replace air filters. They can evaluate your heating system's integrity and inspect your ductwork to ensure you have optimal insulation.

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